How to go about getting my medical card?

  1. Chronic pain is a qualifying condition. Mine is from muscular imbalance do to a repetive motion job task. I had no prior documentation. Simply make an appointment with some one like . Tell them ur deets, pay them, pay the state, wait for an email - play ball!

  2. It's super easy to get a card, all you need is 3 dr's visit summaries from your last 3 appointments documenting your chronic pain (arthritis) and you should get your card same day in a matter of hours

  3. There should be no requirement for 3 visit summaries / appointments. Some of us haven't been to the doctor in over a decade and don't even have medical insurance.

  4. Hey man good luck. Keep that info for you and your doctor. Try the telemedicine appointments. You’ll be shocked how quick and easy it is. It’s all a money grab. If you don’t have the proper documents for a qualifying symptom then just pay the 99 bucks for a diagnosis w the same company who issues the cards.

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