🔥Fireland Scientific🔥Yay? Or Nay for flower?

  1. My experience has been more positive than negative. Only thing I didn’t like was buying an ounce labeled as flower to find out it was rough cut. So be careful of ounces because they’re probably rough cut. Salty watermelon is one of my favorite strains from them, definitely recommend if you like sativa.

  2. Currently have a salty watermelon cart in my firelands vape and I was dabbing the salty watermelon concentrates. They just got the flower in again at my dispo and I’m dying to try!!

  3. I absolutely love firelands. I had their northern lights and I thought it was a really good indica. Currently stuck on their salty watermelon products. About to hit some grandpas breathstar right now actually and I absolutely love it for the day. Great sativa. So I’m my opinion firelands is great!!

  4. Firelands is great. I go to their dispensary and like to grab the 11.32 jars for 99-114, 5 to 7 days based on tier. Had good luck with Tally Mon, Northern Lights, Chem OG and I bought Gorilla Strawberryback yesterday and I enjoyed it last night

  5. I just grabbed an oz bag of rough cut Northern Lights and was very surprised at the quality. It ranged from smalls to a few 1gr buds all trimmed nicely. The machine trim knocks off quite a few surface trichomes but the great thing about Firelands is the amount of interior trichomes, they tend to have much more internal trichomes than any other grower I've tried. They cure isn't perfect and maybe slightly harsh but nothing to complain about, especially under $200/oz.

  6. I decided NOT to purchase it and wait until Monday to see what's on "sale" and grab some other indica instead.

  7. Why would you not grab because it was from June, 3-4 months ago, why not? I'm curious. Do you maybe think its really dried out being that old? I would think that it shouldn't matter if 3-4 months old is 'bad'. I know if stored improper in sunlight is bad for the bud I think may degrade the quality/potency. I know that thc turns to cbn the older it is. Idk. If stored in Mason jars, airtight with a 62rh Integra Boost pack, it can stay'good' for a long time. Maybe im wrong. Would the bud still be curing being packaged in June? Extra long cure is better I thought.

  8. Think I'll just wait until mondays new sale items/brands. I thought was looking at 14g, was only 11g, so will wait for maybe better deal.

  9. I tried their chem og 2.83 on sale. Reminded me of good mids to be honest. Wasn't that good. Heard good things about the northern lights though. The sho edibles aren't bad for $35

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