What should I get for my daughter's wedding?

  1. All 3 of the suggestions above are exactly what I would have said. Sour Tangie & Strawberry Fields Luster pods by Grow Ohio was real good too

  2. I’d recommend Sour Tangie and ‘91 Royale luster pods from Grow Ohio. They’ll help with pain, put you in a good mood, and don’t make you too tired. Plus they taste good.

  3. I really like the orange 43 luster pods by klutch for social situations. Leans sativa and gives me a pretty clear headed feeling. Slightly energetic but not too much

  4. Strawberry Fields Pod from Butterfly effect is awesome. For klutch super lemon dog, heat locker, sunkissed, and O43 off the top of my head should do you up.

  5. I recommend the Orange 43 luster pod from klutch if you can find one. It was uplifting and happy, I could talk to people in public no problem. Also, the oil was very orange scented, I think compared to other strains it might smell a little bit less.

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