Anyone else seen flower this high in THC, about to pick two of these up

  1. Exactly. Moisture content will effect the end results. They do test for moisture and water activity but not sure if they adjust the results

  2. I personally don't feel there is a direct relationship between THC% and potency. There is much more going on than that. All of the strongest flower I've tried have been <25%.

  3. It’s actually an Indica dominate hybrid …the effects come on really strong and stimulate like a Sativa….Indica’s can do this when you harvest them early or right at the appropriate time.

  4. Got Orange 43 today -- AMAZING sativa. Quickly becoming my favorite in the program. And the terp profile is insane: 20.30mg/g Myrcene!

  5. I just grabbed some Bullseye the other day for the first time (Wonka Bar) and it tests at 34%, normally I wouldn't believe it but this stuff was packaged only 2 days before I got it and you could visibly see giant clumps of trichomes with the naked eye, and it was so sticky lol

  6. Yes I see things with that high of THC all the time I have six right now that are 30 plus and four or five that are 27 plus. People saying the testing is not legitimate they do test for water content anything over 14% can't be tested or sold they do just for the water I don't know why everybody thinks the testing here is not real people are just not happy about anything the patients in the Ohio medical marijuana program are the most unhappy unpleasant unpleasable people kind of crazy they forget they were buying swag out of a plastic sandwich bag 4 years ago

  7. I’m completely happy to be able to walk into a dispensary and buy weed “legally” but there’s no fucking way you can tell me all of the 30+% THC flower in our system is actually that. Do you know how rare it is to see 30+% flower in other states? I think testing is fucked in other states too but you can’t tell me Ohio’s is any better.

  8. The least effects I ever got from flower was from a 36% batch of orange 43. Thc numbers aren’t all what they’re made out to be. Shits inflated. Find the terps that work for you and go from there. Thc doesn’t know what to do when they’re a no conductor for the band. Also I’be heard that klutch sprays their flower in terps to inflate the tests. All hearsay so take it as you will.

  9. Yes -- on the order summary, there is a little link under the Total that says something like "contact us to cancel/change order"

  10. Idk bro most Ohio shit is mediocre af and debatably weak on Purpose because we’re run by big pharma Jack boots but I could be wrong lmao. I get way better shit on the street but sadly my plug is being a bitch

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