Anyone found a case for a mighty vape?

  1. I ended up buying a Pelican case with foam inserts that I cut out myself since I never had much luck finding quality custom made carry cases.

  2. That’s what I’m leaning to, did you replace the foam or just exacto knife the existing foam? I’ve done something similar with new foam for my tools but I bought foam that was meant to be easily cut to form. I would kind of like everything to be secured in place and not just thrown in a foam case.

  3. I have the Mighty case made by CloudTen. It is smell-proof and costs about $35. Just be careful with the twisty screw knob that locks it. I lost mine.

  4. Hey friend, check out Cream City Vapes. They have a case for the Mighty. And, its 25% off along with most other things. Additionally, I bought a sidecar bubbler that fits on the Mighty and it is straight 🔥🔥🔥. Stay lifted!

  5. If you want an affordable option, consider using diabetic supply cases available at most pharmacies. I'm not diabetic, but I know a few [elderly] people who told me they just bought a second case for their meds and keep all it in there.

  6. Hey bud 😄 Ive just purchased a camera bag for $12aus delivered Im yet to receive my mighty plus or the bag haha But a few people have commented on here, and they all say its a perfect fit. For $12 i thought its definitely worth the gamble

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