1. I recently grabbed some of their Jedi. It's one of the most laid back, not couch lock or comatose strains I've had in a bit. More like embodying the essence of the dude.

  2. Astral and EBPC are the two best IMO. Gorilla Nut and Lilac Diesel were both fine. Second Breakfast was a big let down for me.

  3. Lilac Diesel has been my favorite from them for a while. Have tried the Blueberry Cookies and its great too. Haven't tried any of their new strains yet though, interested to hear more about the Dual OG and Garlic Snake Breath.

  4. All of-em!!! .. .. seriously my #1 cultivator…my list in order: #1. Snowball #2. Gorilla Nut #3. Second Breakfast #4. Blueberry Cookies #5. Electric Peanut Butter Cookies #6. Astral Destiny #7. Dual OG

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