Gotta give Firelands’ customer service team five stars today for an easy breezy exchange. Was in on Tuesday for vape discount day and grabbed one of their White Papaya Live Rosin carts that was not hitting properly. Think there was something wrong with the coil. New one hits and tastes fantastic!

  1. Heard. At most you’ll be lucky to get a credit. Firelands gives you options. I think it may have been a different story if it wasn’t one of their own carts.

  2. Bummer. The second cart is doing the same thing now. Got a few really good pulls off it last night and then today it stopped hitting. Called em back and the my told me I need to email customer service now since it’s the second cart.

  3. Firelands is my favorite dispensary now. First time i visited their dispensary, they made me feel like a human being, not a number. The budtender took her time with me explaining terpenes and the effect and relief they provide. I have only had their flower that the budtender recommended and it tasty and smooth hitting. Would highly recommend.

  4. I have to second this! The staff is the loveliest bunch of people you could possibly meet. So incredibly helpful and positive it really made my day! It is so worth it to make the drive without a doubt!

  5. Hadn’t tried this strain yet so wasn’t sure what it tasted like but I knew there was something wrong with the first cart on the first drag. I only grab the live rosin carts on discount days.

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