Any opinions on Galenas? Best strain or stay away?

  1. Galenas is definitely one of the better growers, and the only certified organic grower in Ohio. Their Electric Peanut Butter Cookies is my favorite strain, but they have a bunch of really good ones.

  2. Hands down - my #1 Cultivator. .. just saying .. .. Snowball is closest to “70s taste” !!! Yea .. ya know what I mean. 😎

  3. Wouldn't know their like Woodward heard great things but hard as he'll to find on sale and me personally I'm not paying 400 to 450 an ounce for some MARIJUANA......

  4. Lol then u just miss out.. there's stuff thats 350-400 on the street thats the real deal from Cali genetics and its amazing you get what u pay for

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