Cresco MAC1 Live Resin cart tastes like dirty feet..? More in comments.

  1. Crazy I got the Rollins budder and it was one of the best tasting dabs I've had sad that the carts suck.

  2. Ugh. Once again our medical program fails us. They deliver a low quality product but still want high-quality money.

  3. UPDATE: I emailed Cresco about the issue. They requested photos of the products, batch numbers, dispensary info and descriptions of what’s wrong with them. They also asked for the receipt but I don’t keep my receipts. So I guess we will see what happens.

  4. This LR cart (MAC1) from Cresco tastes like absolute ass. No marijuana flavor at all, and I’ve tried it at multiple different voltages. I also got a Rollins LR cart from them and it has the same taste… very bland, bad taste that doesn’t have a flower taste at all. I got a DoSiDo’s x Purple Punch LR cart from them and it was great…

  5. Damn I wish I knew this before I bought that dosidos cart today from them, haven’t gotten to try it yet hopefully it turns out like yours

  6. Oh and the Rollins LR cart I have (tastes like shit) also leaks like crazy. Made my YoCan stop firing and I have to clear the clog every time I use it. I’m about to throw it away and there’s still at least half a gram left.

  7. What pisses me off is Sunnyside has these on the menu in Chillicothe but then when u go pick it up it's a Supply cart that saying NOTHING on the package about live resin being in it.

  8. Had the same issue with Strawberry Fields in Columbus. Bought a YS Express “live resin” cart from them and it was actually just live oil. They gave me a credit towards a future purchase and let me keep the cartridge, but their live oil carts make me cough like crazy so I probably won’t even use it.

  9. I had some Cresco Live Resin from Michigan earlier in the year. Wasn’t very impressed at all, not even close to being as good as a Luster. I remember the strain Petro Chem from them was probably the worst tasting oil I’ve ever had ever.

  10. Soo I copped this today after seeing your review on “dirty feet” and i have to say myself, that’s just how Mac1 taste. I had mac1 flower from klutch and it was a fruity dirt funk taste so I can see how you say this live resin taste like dirty feet. Literally taste like sweet funky dirt very weird taste but I feel like it’ll grow on me. Overall effects are on par with mac1 flower. Just gotta get used to the taste, but I would cop again. Next I wanna try the dosi x pp sounds gas.

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