Thank you my Ohio Marijuana patient Brothers and Sisters for not buying this expensive medicine. Last month Ancient Roots hit the menu for 90 bucks for 5.6 grams.🙄 guess no one's buying it like they (da man) expected. Its now 80 bucks, Let's get these prices down for 2022. If its too high don't buy

  1. I have made a rule for myself and it's basically that I won't pay more than $10 per gram for flower. I just don't. I usually end up getting Firelands smalls, because they're the only stuff in the program that has been consistently good and affordable -in reality I just don't have enough money to be spending $40 on a 2.83g container of cannabis. I have a lot less money than most people. I'm so sick I can hardly gather enough resources to get by. I have spent more in the past hoping for better relief just to be completely saddened by the quality of what I received. I don't know a lot about marijuana- but I know that these plants aren't supposed to cost this much.

  2. If you’re ever near a Pure Ohio Wellness and haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend their Locally Grown stuff. I’ve been a big fan for a long time but lately especially it seems they’ve stepped things up and you can get a (what seems to not be boosted numbers) 28% 2.83g strain sometimes for ~$28 including tax. Terps aside, (which are there in my experience) typically dispensaries charge 40+ for anything with a 26%+ THC label.

  3. I feel ya. This program is breaking me. I only now buy on sale items. They can shove that 2.8 where the sun don't shine. Highway robbery

  4. I recently found a half oz of Layer Cake (32%) from Grow Ohio for $140 after taxes at Strawberry Fields Columbus. They have alot of good deals and prices.

  5. Yea Same I be paying 10 a g or I’ll splurge sometimes mostly get POW small I’ll have to try fireland smalls if I can find them

  6. You’d shit yourself if you ever saw a purchasing sheet from a dispo, they probably paid $20 or less for each unit and priced it up to $90 the cultivator only controls the pricing to an extent

  7. I don't know why more people aren't saying this. Dispensaries are marking up prices by as much as 100% or more over the wholesale price they pay to the cultivator/processor.

  8. I've been noticing that dispensaries have 10% off before 10:00 a.m. and daily specials of 20 to 15% off per her grower which means that the dupes can buy at that high price if they don't know how to shop properly. There's also patient appreciation days which will give 20% off as well. But I agree I won't pay more than $10 per milligram of THC. Can't smoke flour anymore because of my cancer issues I just started vaping my girlfriend's an expert to find the deals

  9. It takes 3.5-5gs if premium flower to produce a good gram of flower rosin, so $35-50 is the cheapest your gonna get for some fire sadly.

  10. Prices across the board need to come down period, I envy seeing states like Michigan with better prices, and I get it, it's rec, and med, but Ohio growers and companies need to stop taking advantage of the customers. I truly believe if we all stick together, they will end up bringing the prices down to a reasonable amounts.

  11. Amen. The most I’ve ever paid for 2.83 was maybe in the 30s and that was because I had extra cash, normally I get the higher priced stuff when it’s on sale. I average about 200-220 an ounce I would say for flower based on my buying strategy. Concentrate prices are still too high, in three years I’ve bought maybe 4 days worth. and vape prices are levelling/ pretty steady I think I get those decently often too

  12. So glad I found this thread, just got my MMJ 💳 in Oct, so I'm still basically learning how to navigate it all. But hfs, y'all are so spot on about these fuckin prices! Too damn high for the weight they push!

  13. I hate to say it but I love Ancient Root’s products but fuck the rest of this shit! I pay WAYYY TOO MUCH for my medication! I got to “random state“ We need to fix it

  14. Yeah the other week I did end up paying way to much I wish I had a friend or family that drove I got stuck paying 350 for two half's one was super sour orange by bucket relief and the other layer cake by garbage ass butterfly effect I hate them sorry but over hyped garbage but I have to go to this stupid dispensary

  15. lmao almost $100 for less than a quarter ounce. these amounts are hilarious 2.83/5.66 but then they sell 14 and 28g ounces.... that is intentional too. they want to charge prices that outrageous for mids at best. California has the best herb and its funny how ours is way more expensive.

  16. I like the idea of not buying things too high however Ancient Roots could possibly just stop making live rosin and make shittier products that are cheaper to make to hit the profit margin they want on the live rosin unless this is just the store is up charging it a ridiculous amount. Either way though, these prices need to be regulated…

  17. I look at the prices in Michigan and decide for myself if, including gas, it's the same as or cheaper than buying in Ohio. If it is, that's where I go. No sense in complaining if I can vote with my wallet.

  18. Who tf is complaining? I've been to Michigan a couple times. But right now I'm talking anout OHIO.I don"t live in Michigan. This is an Ohio Subbreddit and I'm like many others are fed up with it. Obviously you can't vote with your wallet because you have to go to another State 🙄 uhhmm Gas is damn near 4 bucks so who really getting ripped off.

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