Sour Papaya - Firelands Scientific 2.83g & Death By Gummy Bears

  1. Love Sour Papaya. I’ve bought 2 11.32g jars over the last couple months and it has been my go to daily strain.

  2. Are they worth it? you all are probably think it and the answer, for me is yes. I’ve used a huge variety of types of cannabis products from elixirs to medicated lip balm containing different amounts cbd, cba, cdn, delta 8, delta 9 and probably an bunch of other shit scientist don’t know anything about as of yet.

  3. Hate this sub sometimes. You notice every comment has been downvoted in some way? Just for discussing and enjoying delta 8, most likely people that have never even tried it are doing the don't wanna come on here talking about delta 8 😅 snobbery roams free around these parts

  4. I have also had these gummies. I’m on my second pack and will continue to buy them for special occasions. I have a super high tolerance to edibles, even the capsules barely do anything for me. But these gummies? Give me 2 and strap me in to the fuckin moon. And that shit lasts, I’m saving my last 2 for Thanksgiving with the in-laws 😂. Overall, 10/10 buy again on the gummies for me.

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