Firelands Cake Crasher. I normally strictly use concentrate and edibles, my tolerance is sky high. This delicious gassy bud gave me a lovely body high. Some great weed right here. 8.5/10

  1. All this tolerance talk shit makes no sense . Until I joined the program I never had a withdraw symptom , tolerance issues at all I think there’s something weird going on . Just like I’ve been a heavy smoker for 15 years man and I never had a issue getting stoned or medicated off the black market …. I’ve bought plenty Of 20-30%flower and didn’t even get a buzz . The highs are extremely weird , like someone posted on here you just feel spacey and like I’ve said from the beginning how do you grow cannabis that has 0 smell . Everything smells like dirty cigarettes….haha maybe it’s because I combust it illegally idk ..

  2. I agree with you on the smell. I've had black mkt that would stink my whole house up if it wasn't airtight in a mason jar. None of the medical I've gotten even comes close to that. You can smell it when you stick your nose in the jar, that's about it.

  3. How does tolerance not make sense? I normally use concentrate and edibles in heavy doses, so flower normally isn’t as effective for me. It still works I was just saying this flower above is strong because it gave me great effects regardless of my tolerance to thc

  4. I can still enjoy it but it isn’t intense for sure unless I vape or smoke a lot of it. I’m thinking it’s time to switch to flower a while to get that tolerance back down, plus it’s a more mellow and “full” high compared to even live resin /rosin and the full spectrum lusters. Do you ever use edibles?

  5. Also do you typically vape or smoke your flower if you don’t mind me asking ( I know the latter is technically a no no). I used to have a pax two but I kinda want a convection vape

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