Something wrong with Firelands Scientific flower?

  1. I have purchased from firelands scientific's twice. I was disappointed both times unfortunately. The flower was dry, the potency was practically non-existent and I can tell it's been sitting for a while. I've been using marijuana for over 25 years and I'll tell you right now firelands scientific has bad packaging, low potency (no matter what the label says) and the quality is mediocre. My current favorite is Butterfly Effect products. I hate to talk bad about certain products or vendors but I feel obligated to inform people. Hopefully firelands read some of this stuff and improve on their product. If firelands scientific decides to recognize the problem and fix it I will consider shopping from them again. Until then, if they don't improve the quality of the product they will crash and burn. Medical marijuana distribution among vendors is going to get competitive and there's no room for poor quality.

  2. I no longer purchase any products from Firelands Scientific. In my opinion their flower is cut too early, dried too quickly and cured very poorly. All of which results in poor medicine. Their employees social media interactions also leave a lot to be desired.

  3. You aren't the only one. Get in the "unsatisfied with no relief" line. Its a long one. Most likely harvested early with no cure. Which seems to be a good 80% off the products in Ohio

  4. I shop at Firelands Dispensary almost exclusively. I personally lean more towards tier 2 but haven’t tried any of those particular strains. So sorry I can’t give much suggestion on those.

  5. I appreciate the response. I’m in the same boat where I wanted to go to their dispensary exclusively because their prices are pretty good imo but I am feeling a little discouraged right now

  6. Green Runtz was a dud for me as well. That said, I've been really happy with just about everything else (Northern Lights was meh too for me, sorry).

  7. Sour Papaya is my jam. They were out last Friday when I went in the 11.32 jars so I went with Cake Crasher which was good too.

  8. Yea I'm with you on that. I've only had the Miami Heat. I would have to agree with your feels on the effects not lasting long. It sucks cause I love their jars.

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