Ohio Cannabis Family has anyone tried these Concentrates out! trying to get something new help! Or something someone else prefers

  1. I've been curious to try some of Verano extract. I think they're one of the few Processors using ethanol to extract their concentrate. At least that's not RSO or used to winterize

  2. Verano's concentrates have been hit or miss for me. I've had decent sugar wax in the program and bought the same product at a rec dispo in Illinois. The Gpurps wax I bought in Illinois tasted like straight up mold. It even made everything I put in my titanium bucket in my atomizer taste like like mold. I've had better luck with their flower but I would say watch out for the concentrates.

  3. Ancient Roots Slurricane is pretty good. Wellspring Fields is pretty consistent and Firelands is ok too. Stay away from Vapen.

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