So can we concealed carry guns now if we are not high?

  1. It’s illegal to possess a firearm and cannabis at the same time. It’s illegal to purchase or possess a firearm while being a user of cannabis.

  2. This is really good to know! Did you have to get one before the other? I went and registered for my ccw about 4 weeks ago and wanted to get my appointment set up for my med card asap but i’m worried if i do them at the same time, they’ll pull my info or something with the ccw 🤣 please clarify for me!

  3. Federal law is you can’t possess a firearm at all if you are a user of a federally illegal drug, regardless of whether that use is part of a state’s MMJ program.

  4. You literally just check a box that says "No I don't use any federally illegal substances." HIPPA, they can't look into the MMJ database. And don't act like it's the first time you've lied to the government.

  5. The way I view it is, if you carry, carry. The idea being to never present you firearm unless necessary. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  6. You can actually hold both together. Recheck into the law. I know several people who were approved for ccw after a cannabis license, only in Ohio.

  7. But you don't actually know. As far as I can tell if you haven't smoked you're fine but I wouldn't risk it by having them both in the car at the same time. I am pretty sure that when they look your name up it doesn't show up that you have a medical marijuana card because that seems like a HIPAA violation

  8. I believe you are mistaken. You can't open carry in your car dude only walking around the second you get in your car it's illegal to open carry. It has to be separate sealed containers for gun and ammo, unloaded

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