What’s the best brand of concentrates and what type??? First time concentrate buyer….

  1. I bought some wedding cake rosin from standard wellness. I bought a glass nectar collector and torch to use it.

  2. That was the hardest part for me. Trying to figure out which was the best way to use it. I didn’t want a huge set up. I prefer the straws too

  3. Wellspring has .5 g for $39, a nice size for a first-timer to try a concentrate. If you can find it on one of their 30% sales you will really make out.

  4. Yeah. I’m already spoiled on live rosin just in a days time…. I will be broke come first concentrate sale. Also trying to get on some of this “sub-critical” sugar people been talking about….

  5. Ancient roots Rosin and hash are top tier in all my experiences. Then firelands, klutch, and standard wellness all have nice tasty chemical free concentrates

  6. Have never had bad Firelands rosin. They're the only great makers of solventless concentrates in the Ohio program pretty much. They have the top terps listed online which is awesome too.

  7. Guess you could consider RSO or FECO, best values for the money, full effects. Recently bought diamonds and sauce, was pleased by effects but not the cost

  8. I really enjoy the Cresco brand and the price at SunnySide makes it even better. But Klutch has some pretty damn good concentrates as well also there’s plenty that have already been mentioned. But the effects are amazing. And the terp flavors from them can be fantastic. 🤩 enjoy my friend.

  9. I thought I loved flower. Then I tried live rosin yesterday…. Big difference. Way better than any flower experience I’ve ever had….

  10. I’ve been using concentrates from the Ohio med market for about 3 years now. Still can’t say which strain I prefer but as far as full effect, ancient roots rosin always hits home. Really enjoy the buckeye relief dosido diamonds and sauce I got awhile back. Honestly at this point I just look for whatever is on sale.

  11. I would say 1 fisi live rosin 2 anything Klutch 3 Crsco has good prices ang are decent , also Buckeye relief but there pricey and my last but not least choice is the hon Pearls their version of dimonds and sauce cant beat um for 45 at Columbia care Dayton

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