Strains in the program to help with anxiety.

  1. Personally I've noticed high levels of myrcene / being the primary terpene can do that to me sometimes. It was my favorite terpene because it knocks me out but too much of a good thing ,for me anyway , is no good.

  2. Same, I try to avoid strains which have myrcene in the top 3 terps. Seems to help balance the effects when there isn't a ton, though its almost always present. Myrcene facilitates the psychoactive properties of thc, which can be great, but also overwhelming.

  3. You could always add some high cbd flower to the mix. The 1:1 ratio really helps subdue any felt anxiety. A 1:1 sublingual as mentioned or a straight cbd sub would help greatly.

  4. I also noticed the fact that I was changing strains so often was adding to my anxiety. It was a different high almost everyday! Once you find that one strain you really mesh with try using it exclusively for a while and see how your anxiety is. I have severe vomit inducing anxiety I’ve been having klutch icc (ice cream cake) for a while now and the consistency helps

  5. Obviously everyone has different reactions to strains, but Durban Poison has been a great anxiety relieving daytime strain that allows for focus and uplifting energy without anxiety/mania. Also Chiesel, Motorbreath, Wedding Cake, GSC, GDP, Northern Lights for microdosing or evening/nighttime. I tread lightly with sativas and stick more to hybrids and indica strains. Also CBD to help balance the effects as well when higher TCH or sativa strains.

  6. BLACKJACK / Butterfly Effect or a sativa with a lower thc% I would stay away from indica's for anxiety, the sativa's are the best mood enhancers, imo

  7. Stay away from indicas for anxiety?! lol. It really shows you how different people are from one another because I couldn't disagree more.

  8. I don’t know if I’ve tried lower thc sativas before. Usually when I buy sativa which is pretty rare I try to get something over 25%. I’m willing to try anything to get some relief from the anxiety I have

  9. Lemon Dosidos from Buckeye Relief always helps me. Buckeye Relief has been solid as shit lately. Klutch was my go to before but they never have half ozs or ozs. Picked up a oz of Lemon Dosidos for 210 after tax. Damn good bud.

  10. Grow's layer cake is one of my favorites for night tim and anxiety...althought id only recommend it for night time use as it knocks me on my ass a the tired sense. Besides that southside legend from certified and grows sunshine kush has worked wonders for me during the daytime.

  11. Focus on Linalool and terpinolene. Those are both calming terpenes. Usually find them in strains that are indica dominant. Sativa strains mostly have myrcene, that’s gonna make your anxiety worse, I noticed a girl above say she microdosed, if you have any kind of pain that won’t work.

  12. I try to avoid any strain that has a lot of pinene in it, Pinene seems to aggravate my anxiety. I also have to limit the dosage of edibles, if I take too much it amps up anxiety. Switchberry OG and Lemon Dosidos are both relaxing and uplifting to me, very similar and the bonus for Switchberry OG is that it is a Firelands product vs Buckeye Relief <<

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