Was grinding down some robots and found a cracked seed… what’s this about Woodward? 🧐🤔

  1. What is the issue with a seed? It’s minuscule. It doesn’t weigh basically anything. It’s a good thing you weren’t buying weed in the 70s. lol you get a 100 seeds.

  2. Man some people just suck sooo much on here and I’m sure they are the same in real life. Telling OP his complaint isn’t good enough. Like what the fuck is wrong w you people? Why is alright to be so damn mean and rude.

  3. They’re just butthurt they’re favorite company isn’t looking the best I wasn’t trying to start an argument with any of these people they just came crazy😂

  4. Enjoy that 90 dollar 5th! 😂😂 how DARE you complain about a seed found in the most expensive weed our program has to offer!! /s

  5. Love the sarcasm😂 and yeah it’s 96$ after tax a 5.6 they charge some places I’ve seen on this Reddit charge over 110$ for Woodward in like Sandusky or some shit and I know it was just one seed but for the price and for the company that before I seen have issues with seeds in their runtz and they start blaming other cultivators is kinda corny in my opinion they should yaknow take the blame if it’s happened before and now happened again

  6. They’re not much more if any more expensive that other cultivators If you shop the sale. I won’t pay more than $72 (after tax) for a jar

  7. 🤣 You can BARELY see it. Where are all of those fools getting pissed when someone wanted to discuss cigarette smoking outside of dispensaries? Is this acceptable to bitch about?

  8. I'd say yes if it sucked. But I grabbed two jars and its 🔥 so IMO, who gives af? Weed is occasionally going to have a seed in it.

  9. I don’t know what the deal seeds are part to the plant, if you were careful you coulda plucked that seed and saved it and grew your own giant Robot plant.

  10. I personally LOVED the Robots. It IS a bit fucked up that THE "top shelf" brand is so expensive, but I'm hoping this changes. I may be wrong but I remember reading an email from the OMM Board saying they were thinking of getting rid of the "tier" system, which would be great, because all the "tier 2" growers could start producing MUCH more bud, and wouldn't be able to charge insane prices for it. Guess i'll just sit here with my fingers crossed. BUT, back OT. I personally, would be thrilled about finding a single solitary seed. but to each their own. And grinding a seed is not the same as finding a seed lol.

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