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  1. I got mine AT Firelands for $12 each ( I got 2) ,menu price was $15. Rise sells em but they are like $25. I love how they vibrate. Only downside to them probably would be the 350Mah battery ( charging more often), but understandable for the size.

  2. I guess people have varying experiences with them. I have asthma and I always thought that the lusters hit a little too harsh mostly all the time unless I really try to inhale as light as possible.

  3. Yocan by stix....couldnt recommend it anymore. My mom has had countless brands, and she ended up buying several stix because it was her most reliable.

  4. I’ve been using The Kind Pen for a few years now. Not as cheap as some of the other batteries out there, but huge selection, lifetime warranty and great customer service.

  5. I've had problems with their batteries 3 times. Every time their customer service made up for it. Every time resulted in a replacement. Only once did I have to provide a video. Edit: I highly recommend them.

  6. eGo battery is the standard. Not all 5/10 are created equal so you should try to match them up as best as you can

  7. Their Cloak is a nice little stealth piece, too. Achieves the discreet look, and hits nicely as long as you keep pocket lint clear of the intake. Also have the dual-510 bubbler (KS1 maybe?). They're legit, decent rigs for mass-production products.

  8. Vessel makes top quality batteries in a variety of shapes and material all have atleast a one year warranty I believe and the snap in chargers are bad ass.

  9. I’m a huge Vessel fan. My wife and I have two of their batteries- a Compass and a Flagship Wood series. Both are great. We’ve had them for over a year now and they’re still going strong.

  10. Plus there is just a million choices with 510. Idk about your experiences but outside of like Klutch I never have a great experience with luster pods. BFE is wildly inconsistent.

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