Stink bug in my Salty watermelon

  1. I have no idea, I thought it was dead, which I would have understood a bit more because bugs get into things, especially plants, but then it started crawling out lol.

  2. Wow, sry!!! Those little buggers have been just everywhere wreaking havoc these past few months. I throw one out and then I find two more in my place.

  3. The packed date is 11-01-2021. For all those saying I am lying or just looking for attention I assure you I am not. I do not care what you think about it one way or the other. It did not fly in after opening, I broke the seal, opened the jar and there it was.

  4. If everyone is concerned about a bug, just imagine all the bugs and things you're eating in your food that comes from factories lmao.

  5. 11-01-2021. I have no clue how it survived. I tried to do some research but couldn’t find anything. I am probably going to catch one and do an experiment to see how long it lives

  6. My bulldog eats them.....unfortunately. I try to get her NOT to because it makes her breath fucking stink and it can't be good for her.

  7. Yeah when was it packaged because if it’s anywhere near the summer months there’s no way that came from the factory stink bugs are harder to find until it gets cold out

  8. The stink bugs try to find their way inside and they hide in the smallest places to hibernate all winter so they can survive for next year. I can go find some right now in door cracks if I look in the right spots. Outside even.

  9. These things I'm pretty sure can survive trapped in a jar for at least a week or two. I know they live about a year . Pretty Hardy little buggers. They're harmless though. Not saying this is true or not but it's definitely not out of the realm of being possible.

  10. Oh wow, you got some of that limited edition Stinky Salty Watermelon with added Stank. 😋 Lucky you! Smoke the bug.

  11. Man I have an order for Firelands in right now and this post is not helping me want to go and get this shit today.

  12. So u guys think k this person is lying my guess is when they package these containers they don't put lids on right when they fill the jar. I'm guessing there is 40 jars they fill then slap lips on them all when done filling so why couldn't a bug fly in before the lid goes on and if u think they look in every jar your crazy

  13. There's no way that bug survived in there with no oxygen. Stinkbugs can survive quite a while during the winter without food or water, but it still needs to breathe.

  14. I want to up vote this times ten! Them little suckers Will fly in before you even know it was there. And like you said they have multiple jars open to put lids on. It is very easily fly in there and two minutes later the bottle get its lid. It’s not like the bugs color is way different than the weeds color either. And studies have shown that there are bug particles in your chocolate bars. There’s no way to keep those out completely

  15. This is life period bro. If you're eating any sort of meat or processed food, you're eating a lot of shit you don't know about, you should be more concerned about that, than a bug walking around on your weed.

  16. I know a lot of bugs can survive with minimal things like the only reason why we see these bugs now is there trying to find warm spots once the weather breaks there back to gone again but not sure how happy id be to buy a stink bug lol I’ve been really wanting to try this strain to dang

  17. Update: the first two bowls I smoked were okay, a little odd tasting but okay. After trying for a third I can guarantee I won’t be trying a forth. The flavor was like nothing I really know how to describe. The smell the smoke left behind was even worse.

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