Garlic cookies

  1. herm seeds usually carry the herm trait. nothing to get excited about finding a seed in medical weed. most likely the plant it came from was either stressed out, or carry the herm trait. would most likely be a waste of time to grow it, unless you like seedy weed with low potency.

  2. Don’t let anyone fool ya. Our card may get us out of a ticket, IF stored properly in its original package, in the trunk, with no other type of combustion device present. Other than that, the card doesn’t do much. We have no guaranteed work protection, no insurance coverage, cash only purchases, no combustion or homemade edibles, the burden of proof being on you to prove you were not high if you get pulled over and get tested for cannabis even though you may not have medicated at all that day. Is growing illegal? Yeah, but with all the above mentioned illegal situations, I think we walk the line everyday!

  3. I’ve been in the program for my second year and that’s my favorite indica I’ve got a total of 3 beans from garlic cookies. 👏👍🏻🤘🏻

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