Giving this a go since the flower is always on point. Orange 43 live resin by Klutch

  1. I've been vaping on Firelands Scientific solventless concentrates for a while. Guess I'll give Klutch a try next. I've only been hearing great things about the O43.

  2. Yeah, I like FS concentrates but the Qush#12 that I got from them last time had obviously been sitting on a shelf for 6 months. I will say this live resin is the stickiest concentrate I've had from this program in a while.

  3. Yeah it is pretty good but I realized that I need to switch out the tubing on my WPA for my atomizer. I've got a few months worth of old reclaim in it that is affecting the taste.

  4. Effects were there, but taste wasn't nearly as good as I expected. I'm cleaning my atomizer parts in hopes of getting better taste during session #2. The Lemon Slushee Live Rosin I got last time had more terps.

  5. I had this. It was pretty good. I would prob get it again I like their rosin better though I think and I prefer live resin usually

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