Any suggestions for dispensaries in columbus? New to the whole thing and wanted some insights if possible. Thank you!

  1. I live in NW Cbus & got my card three years ago. Here are the dispensaries I hit in order: Terrasanna, The Botanist, Bloom, & Pure Ohio Wellness in London. If all of the above dispensaries had the same menu offerings, my choices would be 1-Bloom, 2-POW, 3-The Botanist, & a distant 4th in Terransanna.

  2. Strawberry fields columbus has the best deals and selection from what I have noticed. Bloom is another good one.

  3. I highly suggest Bloom but be prepared to wait. Every time I go I have to wait at least 10 minutes before going inside to wait another 10 minutes before purchasing but that is probably the best place with the best deals. POW London has curbside pickup which is wonderful and usually has good deals.

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