CCW & MMJ Card

  1. I would never Advocate breaking the law , but just because you use cannabis medically should not automatically bar you from Defending Your Life if need be. I can be prescribed pills though and carry but thats fine. From everything I've heard the two systems don't play together. I know somebody who has both and has never had a problem. Just don't carry both cards at the same time and triple-check you don't have any medicine on you before you do.

  2. i read a couple of the threads on here but nothing was really clear. i just wanna know real experiences with it, not opinions lol 🤣

  3. This is posted here a lot. Yes, it’s technically “illegal” but you’ll be fine because they can’t access OARRS - only doctors, etc. Haven’t had any issues at all.

  4. So what exactly is the question on the form. Does it actually ask if you have med card or does it just ask if you use MJ. Been awhile since I've bought a gun.

  5. It's asks if you are dependant or a user of any schedule 1 narcotics including canabis regardless of your states legality.

  6. It is illegal on the federal level to be a user of any call 1 narcotics. You may not get found out but if you have to use in in self defense and they find out that's a federal case.

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