Kief from 2.83g of Lilac Diesel. There could have been more but I used quite a bit of it along the way!

  1. Taste like anything? my experience has been that while kief gets me really high when mixed (which is enough for me, frankly) it often has zero or a mildly unpleasant taste (not that that has ever stopped me, of course- lol)

  2. Wait you actually got this much kief from 2.83g? That's not normal.... they have to be rolling their buds in kief.

  3. I got almost this much from a 2.8. It’s been a while and I don’t remember the strain. I always got a lot of kief from the medical stuff (I stopped using a grinder for that reason) I think a lot of it was just because the bud is always so dry

  4. So I’m to believe the Kief in that butterfly effect kief container came off some bud and not from the store …? Coincidence I reckon.

  5. It wasn’t a kief container it’s an old dab container. I haven’t ever bought kief, although now that they have the SLH kief I may have to. I actually stopped using a grinder because I just wasn’t getting as high anymore and I think it’s because the mmj is so dry you loose all the good stuff if you grind it

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