Anyone tired any of the Galenas luster pods

  1. They are distillate carts. Stick with Klutch and BFE for your lusters! HON does have a split of full spec/dist LPs as well - double check w your tender if purchasing them. But Klutch and BFE are the only ones to my knowledge that are 100% full spec LPs right now.

  2. I got Space Cakes on sale a couple weeks ago and it's pretty decent. Good hit, strong head and body, smooth flavor. Would I buy it again at full price? No.

  3. My husband tried the Banana Delight. He thought it tasted pretty good, but didn't have much of an effect. He is a big luster pod guy. I don't know how y'all stand those vape pens. πŸ˜‚

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