DeWine says he opposes legalizing marijuana

  1. Yet alcohol is legal and causes how much death, damage, and destruction? I would take a full on trade any day. We would open new avenues of research and develop actual researched medicine out of cannabis, all while eliminating alcoholism and associated health problems.

  2. Meanwhile that Crook Dewine signed a bill making to-go cocktails permanently legal - despite the OUI/ alcohol related death statistics. His whole argument falls in upon itself. But Mike’s money is apparently more important than the Ohioan quality of life

  3. That's the idea, in Ohio, alcohol is a huge economic staple for the states guarantees all the problems that come along with alcoholism, health problems, domestic violence, violence in the street, public intox/disorderly conduct, dui, and numerous others. Cannabis will undoubtedly affect the revenue the state can collect via legal fines. I don't think it'll be legal at a federal level until they pinpoint an on the spot testing method that quantifies how high you are at that moment. After that I think states will eventually come along. I think states that are big producers of corn will trail slowly behind because, well, the relationship between corn, alcohol, and the meat industry. Too many aspects of our economy is reliant on grain.

  4. Exactly, and even though medical marijuana is legal here it can only be vaped or eaten. But smoking cancer sticks is still perfectly legal.

  5. While I really appreciate your post, as someone who works for state government, these people have no interest in being educated and that’s the problem. They are interested in confirming their bias.

  6. The Revenue that we would make after the taxation of marijuana would help organize programs to help minimize these problems

  7. Fuck that. Send him reports that show people taking money to dispensaries outside of Ohio. She him that everyday he keeps weed illegal here is another day an Ohioan takes their money to MICHIGAN and spends their money there.

  8. Exactly. Or he is taking it in on the medical community. Whatever it is, cash is involved. You can book it. These crooks are all the same.

  9. Makes me think politicians just take money or own a part of the drug cartel, why the fuck would they not want to be able to tax all of this shit that we would buy. Why the fuck would they care about us getting in car wrecks? They don’t care about all of the drunk driving arrests and accidents. So fucked up

  10. I don't wish harm on anyone and Dewine seems like a nice guy even though I despise his ideology, but I do look forward to when these old fucks die off so change can finally happen.

  11. I wish this were true, but as we see, Whiney DeMike, just like insect vermin, laid a bunch of eggs and a younger hatchling has infested Ohio’s Supreme Court.

  12. Do you ever wonder what the “issue will be in 50-60 years from now? I’m assuming marijuana will be legal then, but what will gen Z’s die on this hill political issue be?

  13. Maybe I'm too optimistic but I really feel like, while these personalities and opinions will always be around, they'll finally be the minority opinion and also out of power because the contemporary young adults will get wise and just move past them.

  14. Dewine pissed off a lot of his supporters with the whole mask mandate and appointing Dr Acton. He is just pandering to them to try to get elected again. From now to the election everything Dewine says or does is going to do nothing but support the wacky rural folks who got pissed at him. Those same folks who get shitfaced with alcohol every week but think pot is bad.

  15. Nobody that was pissed about his dumb mandates is going to hop back on the dewine train because he doesn't like weed. We still want dewine gone. Renacci is a rat so I guess I'm voting blystone.

  16. Welp, looks like I’ll keep giving my money to Michigan! $80 6 grams of live resin will keep me going back any day

  17. I refuse to spend a penny in Ohio. I make the trip up to Detroit once every few months. The $80/ounce flower, premium stiizy pods, 10g of shatter for $100, and all the other deals are what keep me going back.

  18. Dewine is 75 years old. Seventy. Five. Years. Old. He should be retired by now. Instead he’s “protecting” us from potential car accidents? Cell phones and alcohol are more harmful. His term is up in November. He’s outta here!!!

  19. With three different initiatives out right now it's not really up to him. He can veto, but unless the Dems and Republicans in the GA really hate each other's bills and the public initiative that's likely to come before them then it seems like we have a good shot even without DeWine.

  20. Does he realize how much of that delicious tax money he’s missing out on? I don’t give a damn about the whole state of Michigan, but fuck me they do seem to be doing something right up there.

  21. He doesn’t care because the ohio GQP has money in the private prison industry and they have to keep arrests up

  22. Yep. Preach about freedom and less government, meanwhile all they ever do is try to create laws which suppress and take away the rights of people, especially minorities and women.

  23. I say do the opposite. Vote for Republicans who aren't like this. CHANGE the Republican party by voting.

  24. You bump your fn head?!! Have you seen the loss of rights, absurd taxes, and complete lunacy in the blue cities and states?! Don’t even get me started on the crime rates and murders. I think the both sides as a whole are trash, but I’ll take the lesser of the two evils, ANYDAY!

  25. What I find funny is prior to the election when I was doing my research on the candidates, I had found that DeWine actually was in favor of legalizing Marijuana. This was one of my reasons for voting for him. As soon as he was in office though, all of his viewpoints changed. I regret ever voting for the douchebag. The only positive thing he's done in my perspective is sign a bill allowing nursing home residents to put cameras in their rooms to prevent elder abuse, but that was even copying about 8-9 states that had already done that so you can't really give him full credit for that. Other than that, I can't think of anything else he's done worth him continuing to be in charge.

  26. Dewines one of those people that refuses to be more open minded about thing's and just believes that people are far more dangerous while high or medicated then people that have consumed alcohol which we all know is far from the truth. There might be a 2-8% danger with someone's that's high and that probably just falls on if it was their 1st time smoking where as someone that is drunk it's probably literally atleast a 98% danger risk and doesn't really matter if it's their 1st or 10 time drinking.

  27. I want DeWine out of office simply for the shit he's done to the LGBTQIA+ community. Fuck him. Vote blue when his election comes up.

  28. DeWine has always been like this. Ohioans are lucky he believed in taking the virus seriously, if only for a while.

  29. The current Medical program in Ohio is a cash cow. Legalization will dry up this source of revenue for the State and early investors in the program will be winnowed.

  30. DeWine is a piece of crap. He’s only saying all this crap now to save his re election bid. He’s more progressive than his words lead to be.

  31. Hosting a statewide cannabis educational seminar, career fair, and expungement clinic February 16th, 2022. Location are Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton. Click link to register for the nearest city. If interested in being a sponsor, vendor, HR rep reach out asap.

  32. The only hope is for the current petition to be ignored by the legislature, then the second petition gets enough votes to go on the ballot. If the first petition gets through DeWine will veto it.

  33. But let's keep voting Republicans in, Ohio! They totally care about your freedom, and definitely don't want to just gerrymander and lobby against you to line their pockets!

  34. Your view of change is furthering a liberal agenda. That's why Republicans vote R. We got stand your ground law, expanded castle doctrine, soon to be constutional carry, pro life, no mask mandate. And weed is still easy to find and it's decriminalized here as well. Dems would fuck everything up but you'd get rec weed. Not a fair deal

  35. I just said the exact thing to my husband. I think his base dislikes him more than those that didn't vote for him. They turned on him like jackals

  36. Time to get this goofball out of office! Him and that woman who translates for him! You know... the one who looks like it could be his sister

  37. He won't get reelected and not because of this. He is exposed. A democrat in republican clothes doing democratic things. Ohio is done with DuhWine!

  38. I can't call him Daddy anymore if he doesn't change his stance. IT'S JUST A LITTLE WEED, DAD. NO ONE'S DYING UNLESS FETTY IS INVOLVED. 🙄

  39. Folks like DeWine believe that a state full of stoned Black citizens will result in them overthrowing the white majority. These folks actually believe this horseshit. Weed is only illegal because of racism. Of course DeWine wants to keep it illegal. It's the primary way of disarming minorities in Ohio currently.

  40. Marijuana is big business now. Wealth management companies are applying for dispensary licensing and with the potential investment return I doubt the investment lobbyists will change their minds. Dewine is as much of a tool as any other Dem or republican. Whatever is best for profiteering will be what goes through.

  41. Do you sincerely think that Republicans care what you want? It's been evident for years now that they don't and will do what lobbyists tell them to do

  42. Leonardo Dicaprio says he is against fossil fuels yet he has a yacht that burns 300 gallons of diesel an hour

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