What burns up quicker (lusters only) ????

  1. I have been a daily Grow Ohio pod smoker for over a year now and I have noticed they are burning quicker and quicker. Seems like they have messed with the formula. I still think Grow Ohio oil is better than Klutch oil.

  2. They’ve been burning MUCH quicker lately, grow Ohio’s pods that is. I’ve been using Klutch again lately and have been enjoying theirs just as much as I used to enjoy GO’s pods which stinks because they used to have the inferior ones

  3. Don't sleep on Klutch. I feel like they definitely had an issue with their oil, but the problem is disappearing. For me, Grow seems to be burning quicker these days and is not as flavorful. My deal was that I liked Klutch's flavors more but still thought Grow's pods were better. Got a Lemon Slushee pod from Klutch this week and it is awesome. Better than any Grow Ohio pod I've had.

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