Best strain to knock u out

  1. This isn't a flower but hypnos capsules help me sleep. I use the 40 mg caps or take two of the 20 mg and I'm out. You can also get flower that helps you, decarb it and make products to take at night. When I dry herb or vape it has a really short life in my body so I need an edible form for the lasting effect

  2. Afghan Kush or Skywalker OG. Anything that has Afghani lineage does it for me. In particular, strains from the Mazar region.

  3. Interesting. I spent 9 months at Camp Spann* Mazar-i-Sharif, I was offered heroin by the locals but never the kush :( :( which strains in ohio are from those genetics?

  4. 2nd Breakfast, Snowball, and blueberry cookies are my favorite ohio indica but garlic cookies up north and it’s not even close

  5. You know, I would have to say Ghost OG or Josh D OG if we could ever get a hold of them. Motorbreath is similar for me. GMO is always a KO. Same with Garlic Cookies.

  6. King mustache, garlic cookie, lemon dosi do, be careful with this one tho, it will make you hungry before you feel sleepy, also try Wonka bar, ice cream cake, layer cake, too many to choose from, you gotta try them to see which ones you like, for me I was surprised by how fast king mustache put me to sleep

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