They put these on sale from all the complaints I’m guessing

  1. The certified cookies had zero flavor. The most bland cart I’ve ever had. Did the job pretty decently though.

  2. Can anyone explain to me what the big deal is about bontanical terps? Does it like, affect the high or something? I’ve seen people complain about it being like a taste of artificial flavor but I really think that’s personal preference.

  3. Dang, I just went to the dispensary today and didn’t get any vape because I knew I had a full CC cart at home. White widow. Thought their style looked weird, haven’t tried it yet. Why does everyone claim they’re garbage?

  4. Reputation for leaky cartridges, poor mouthpiece design, poor flavor. They cut their product with delta 8 THC (from hemp—as an everyday smoker I’m telling you it’s glorified CBD) and quite possibly CRC.

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