Any opinions on Revel/ayr RSO? Good product? or look for better? 🙏

  1. Being a Sativa? No, in my 4 years of use I've only been reading from Rick Simpson himself that 100% potent Indica is what you need. This is from a medicinal standpoint only. Not to get high, like for me I use it for Chronic Pancreatitis I have.

  2. Thank you. A friend constantly suggests RSO for full body pain. But it’s always just been so expensive to try and it not work done I don’t really get relief from edibles. But for $40 for an Ohio gram, and then POW having a 20% off concentrates sale, I decided $32 is not a bad price to give it a try.

  3. Heads-up for all feco/RSO users, along with the Revel RSO @ the $40 price, Standard Farms has a 2:1 THC:CBD 1-gram RSO (it’s in a syringe, but comes in a HUGE box. Think too big and it’s even bigger), @ the same $40, and the quality is there too.

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