For those wondering who and where new dispensaries might open

  1. Yay finally maybe some on the west side of Columbus other than Bloom! POW London is about 30 minutes, which I don't mind.

  2. That’s not a guarantee. As long as patients will keep paying $40+ for a 2.83g, no incentive to drop prices. Only discounts will draw patients in.

  3. Who makes these decisions? Maybe I'm thinking about this wrong but wouldn't more dispensaries make more supply issues if we're not going to add more growers or let the growers have more room maybe I'm wrong and I'm looking at it weird but I just don't get how anybody can think opening more stores with less with the same product is going to do anything except raise the price of everything as I said I might be looking at this wrong so if I am correct me please

  4. There are more cultivators/processors joining the program as we speak. Recently I’ve seen Farmaceutic RX products on some menus

  5. We are going on what? Four years into the medical program this year? Yet we still do NOT have any normal sized buds in our program. I would not count on them having enough supply to keep all these dispensaries supplied.

  6. There are more large scale production licenses than there are dispensaries. There are hundreds of products on menus. And, Commerce is letting all cultivators double in size this year. There will be plenty to go around.

  7. Circleville and Waverly need one. All we have in these areas is Sunnyside - Chillicothe and Buckeye Botanicals - Jackson. I tend to go to CC in Logan. Cheaper and great deals

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