Luster Pods

  1. Totally worth it. I’ve bought over 50 pods from Grow Ohio and have never had one clog where it was an issue. Strawberry Fields and Triple Crown have been winners for me. Couldn’t recommend them enough. Klutch makes good pods too, especially the Orange 43 and Sherbhead

  2. I've had probably 50 pods and only experienced this when not buying klutch or grow ohio. Stick to those brands and you'll be fine.

  3. I've never had an issue yet. I get worried still, but only because it would set me back some time and I would likely not have the extra money for a pod. But I usually get flower, so I wouldn't be without I guess

  4. The best way to keep them from clogging is to not suck when you are hitting it….ok very lightly hit it, almost like taking a breath in, the pod will do the rest of the work. Just a suggestion as I have had this issue many times.

  5. I have used them daily for the last 8 months or so and have never had any issues. If it’s clogged pull it out of the battery and take a pull off of it, that should clear it. Worse case use an air dryer or car heater if you’re out. They’re worth it. What’s the sale you’re referring to?

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