Hit & Run @ Bloom Akron yesterday. Figured since this was the best angle I could find, maybe someone on here saw something? This was a douchebag move.

  1. I am so sorry this happened to you yesterday. That place was a madhouse. I must have been inside when it happened because when I came out the police were there. But then again it could have been a different accident. The main parking lot is very small and hazardous cuz nobody watches where they're going and or have no patience. I normally park over in the overflow and just walk over. Once again I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope you find out who's responsible for hitting your car. Hope there wasn't major damage done also.

  2. thank you for that❤️. but yeah i agree, parking isn’t great there & people just suck sometimes! thankfully it wasn’t bad but regardless i want him held accountable.

  3. okay i filed the report and the officer wasn’t helpful whatsoever. now that i have these photos i think i’ll just head down there in person, thank you.

  4. update: akron police are being unhelpful as fuck per usual. how do they not have the tools to enhance shit? this makes no sense

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