Klutch half oz which should I choose

  1. just got a half of bighead from colcare monroe. the sherbhead is my favorite strain in the program so i had to get the big head. Havent had the other two but that bighead is a lemon pine skunk. smell and taste.

  2. I've managed to luck out and get the Klutch half Oz smalls for 3 separate strains and they all tasted great. However, if I had to rank them by potency of effects and going by strongest first it would be 1) Motorbreath, 2) Sherbhead , then 3) Ice Cream Cake. I've picked up a tenth of Big Head once and it was 🔥 so I would go with that.

  3. See I’ve had a lot of people tell me the motorbreath was fire and I ended up trying and it just didn’t do it for me. Which is crazy love the motorbreath luster pods

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