Klutch; Kush Mints - 35.8% Packaged 3/6/22 (Monday)

  1. Review: Buds are absolutely coated in trichs. Smells of fresh herb and florals. Minty is more than appropriate to describe the taste. Very cooling on the throat. Best of all, the effects are heavy and reach all over the body. I am typing this laying on the floor. Flying.

  2. It’s been quite some time since they have released this strain. Give me hope that I can see some of their sundae driver pop back up. Always liked the kush mints. Heavy hitter

  3. Bloom had a buy 3 Klutch products, save 30% at Rise. I was sooo stoked! I walked away with this fine gem yesterday at 25$ !!!! I was so stoned I will definitely buy this again!

  4. get this to that guy with the tester! those numbers are redonk! not saying they are wrong, would just love to see the independent verification. Beautiful looking buds for sure!

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