Firelands Qush #12, 2.53 for $126 with 10% reward at Harvest of Columbus

  1. This looks so much better than mine did and it was from the same batch. My only complaint with FS rosin. It’s a gamble if it’ll look like this or brown and dry

  2. Yeah, I got some from Certified a week or two ago that was brown. It doesn't taste too bad and has decent effects, so I can't complain. Plus it was on sale, lol.

  3. This one tastes pretty good. I've been nursing it along, a little over halfway through it. From what I've seen here it was pretty hit or miss.

  4. Been eyeing this for a bit and saw a few others picked some up. Pretty tasty, really nice effects and the prices was great! Happy with the rewards program, just need to figure it out. I was one of the first customers to use it at the dispo.

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