If Ohio legalizes Marijuana Recreationally, what strains would you grow?

  1. Afghan Kush. It is the best for any chronic pain or sleep issues in my opinion. Second would be Skywalker OG for similar reasons. Strains from northern Afghanistan are where it’s at when it comes to pain relief 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Green Kush is Green Crack in Ohio because they aren't allowed to use the word Crack in the name here. Same as Ohio-47 is AK-47.

  3. Black Jack all day long, man. I just love the smell, it's like candy to me. Opening a grow tent to be blasted with the smell of Black Jack would make me blissful!

  4. Greenhouse Seed Co!!! That’s the best coffee shop in Amsterdam!! If you ever get a chance to check it out their little place is amazing. Had to try their Jack Herer since that’s where it originated. They were out of White Rhino but had the white widow (both originated there too) we got some Amnesia Cream hash that is legit true to its name! Found myself in our hotel watching a documentary series (in Dutch, don’t speak Dutch) on making candy for hours apparently. Anyway… sorry to get so nostalgic on ya but… agree! Great strain 💕

  5. it’s been a couple decades since I “grew”, & for anyone that’s never done it or if it’s been awhile, I’d recommend some White Widow(depending on which story u believe), the guy who bred the original White Widow sells his original genetics under the name “Black Widow”(fuck u Arjun). It is one of the easier strains to grow, & it’s 🔥

  6. I want to grow some melted strawberries it’s gmo x strawberry guava I’m in Colorado rn and just tried some it’s so good

  7. My dream would be able to grow my own supply of triple chocolate chip, but I can’t even keep the literal regular grass in my yard alive sometimes, so I’m just dreamin’ big. 😭

  8. They won't and even if they did when people realize how much time and effort is required for good flower they just give up anyway

  9. I'd love to experiment a bit, try different strains and settle on a few that work for me. My favorite strain so far has to be wedding cake or GG #4 by far. Jet Fuel is also great.

  10. That’s assuming homegrow and recreational happens at the same time. Who knows in this backwards ass state.

  11. Of course. It’s a hypothetical question. And you are right, we don’t know what will happen if it does become true.

  12. You're assuming they allow home cultivation aren't you? That's a big assumption out of the politicians in Columbus!! lmao

  13. Of course. It’s just a question for fun. You trying to spoil our little happy hopeful growing thread? How dare you. Ha ha

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