wtf....Kutch this thing gonna be defective zenleaf canton

  1. Just leave it sitting up for a minute it will go down… it’s because clutch puts them in bags and they aren’t stored upright

  2. Yeah just let it sit man! I’ve had carts from Vegas even do that. Was stored upside down and the oil was cold and took awhile to move to the wick part or what ever it’s called.

  3. It means that your luster pod is experiencing zero gravity and you gotta turn the gravity back on to get it to set again. Learned from experience

  4. No its fine. Had one where the oil was " stuck" . Its actually really fresh . After a few hits it leveled out and hit like a champ. I also posted here concerned. Now if you start seeing oil in the little space in the pod between bottom , then it will leak and a refund is in order ( I had that happen to me as well). But yeah, you good.

  5. Hey even my grow ohio ones have big gaps lately times must be tough for the industry I appreciate your help boss . Stay medicated my friend

  6. Hey just so you know they have come out with a live resin pod of sherbhead mixed with pineapple. It's tasty and chill a.f. Just thought I'd mention it incase you wanna keep it on your radar

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