The House just voted and passed to federally legalize cannabis

  1. Exactly what will happen… again. Chances of 60 votes in the Senate?…. 0%. But hey good job House. Really earning that pay

  2. At this point I’m never going to get excited about legalizing until it’s got a REAL shot of passing the house and the senate. It’s just politicians playing games as usual.

  3. Essentially this is a Mid term political ploy…Let’s have a nation wide vote… leave both Democrats Republicans out of this! The struggle for political power is ruining this country.

  4. The struggle for financial power is ruining this country. The "political" struggle is all theatre. It's a way to keep everyone distracted with topics that NO ONE cares about and has no impact on real life. Get the masses all worked up over nonsense phantom problems/social issues while driving everyone further into debt.

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