New strain? But is Cokoh worth it?

  1. Cokoh is Chizle is Cure...and it's all bad. Don't be fooled by the cool landrace name, it's probably some other genetics. This company is proven untrustworthy.

  2. This isn’t true. What it means is without ever knowing if they would pass, they sterilize. What you described is remediation and not allowed in Ohio yet.

  3. I know it's been around forever. I just meant a new strain at the dispensaries. Haven't seen this anywhere at ohio dispos until today.

  4. i love chizle. Acapulco gold is a good landrace strain, had some from washington a while back. i say pick it up. The only reason people hate on chizle is because of their smalls being a bit dry. If you buy their 2.83's or 5.66's you'll always get quality.

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