1. I feel like the first picture is a bit misleading. It kinda makes it seem like it's trimmed awfully and super larfy. But the last picture is very clearly a dense ass top cola artifact nug. The genetics are a slam dunk, and I thoroughly enjoy artifacts period. I've never had anything other than nice ass top buds, which are always WAY heavier in terps/thc than their Mylar bag counterparts. Im about to scoop one of these rare finds today, ill share what mine looks like later tonight (if I can remember!) Edit: removed unnecessary a lol

  2. Thank you! I was like dang these people are hard to please because this was the best flower I have had in years!!!! It was absolutely incredible.

  3. Honestly it’s sad the trim job is so poor considering the price of these things. Been saying artifact is overrated for awhile now

  4. It look good to me the price could be better but with artifact you pay for what you get one giant of two to three big chunks of buds i cant hate on it bought a 10th of it and beside the trime its good i just dont think this strain has bag apeal like some other strains that dosent mean it bad cuz it dosent look crazy good.

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