Gorilla Nut - Galenas

  1. Dispensary kinda played me on the lable as I like to collect these certain jars and every jar I’ve gotten it was on the lid but It’s not really anybodys fault fr but besides that fact I’ve been vaping on dosidos x gelato from BR and this is a very nice switch up. Taste part nutty other part gassy. pains almost gone face feels like I just got punched in the face several times in a mosh pit and my head is very airy while my body feels weighed completely down. This is overall a very nice medication.

  2. Madison’s labels all ripped on me today, 0/5, I usually can remove without problem but today it didn’t even want to attempt to peel cleanly

  3. The most hilarious strain name in my opinion, and most elusive strain I’ve ever chased… if you see it around where I’m at you have to drop everything and go…. Still haven’t made the cut to grab that precious, Gorilla 🦍 Nut 🔩….

  4. Dang.. that looks fire. I just grabbed a 1/2 some bighead. Its pretty fire.. just still a little bummed at how small the buds are. That shit looks nice though.. how strong is it?

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