wow the live resin layer cake pods are amazing, gassy af 🤤

  1. This is close, but some of the pods from klutch are near 5-7% even in the live resin and even the CO2. Its weird how some wash and yield better. The triangle mints luster (co2) i had had more terps by mg/g than the O43 live resin pod.

  2. Most dispos have the batts for sale by themselves. Usually cost 20-25. I have 4 but I usually got them by buying kits cuz cheaper that way 🫣

  3. The live resin pods don't come with a battery.. every now and then you'll see luster kits on the menu tho which is the pod plus battery.

  4. You can get luster batter at POW for 15 bucks. I’ve got a bunch. I’m about to grab a live resin pod next time I go for the first time. Don’t know which company to get.

  5. Columbia Care Monroe. They don't list the layer cake as live resin but if it's got the 70$ base price tag on it then it's the live resin pod.

  6. I've tried klutch LR o43 and big head.. o43 was ok, probably my least favorite live resin pod I've had so far but big head is one of my favorites. The layer cake is really great as well but think I might like the big head a tad bit more. I also picked up the new live resin pods by certified cultivators and they are very good quality, super tasty and strong affects. If I didn't know any better I'd assume the C.C. pods were from klutch or grow ohio.

  7. I immediately bought the first live resin luster pod I saw on a menu (Klutch Sherbhead Pineapple) and it was amazing! Until I got about 2/3 of the way through the cart and then it started clogging real bad. I was sad. :(

  8. This is one of my favorite luster strains by them. Id like to see the terps alittle higher like klutch’s but I need to try this one forsure!

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