Opinions on most potent gummies… it would also be nice if they looked like regular gummies 🤪 I’m cruising next month lol

  1. Beneleaves also make gummies that are pretty good. I have tried the Raspberry Lemonade and the Strawberry Lemonade but they have other flavors. They are square. Aura makes good gummies but they are hexagon shaped.

  2. One Orijin gummies have the flavors Cherry Pomegranate and Sour Watermelon at 50mg per gummy and usually 11 in the pack!! Pretty pricey but worth it if you need high dosage

  3. I bought a pack of cigs. for my cruise. Took all the tobacco out. Rolled 20 joints that slid into the cigarette out them all back in the pack and carefully glued my cellophane back. No probs getting them on the boat. Just had to make sure I smoked them all and didn’t bring any back off the boat.

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