First time trying dispensary edibles. Took 1/4 of the puck (~30mg) and all I got was a mellow head high. Gonna take 3/4 (~80mg) of the puck today, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  1. I've heard people say that but for me I can only do a snack or no meal to get any effects. I get hit if I barely eat but if I eat alot, I get very lil to zero pain or anxiety relief.

  2. Fatty foods work best. Or drink it with milk or heavy cream. Big Mac meal and you're golden, it has enough fat in it.

  3. Interesting to know for sure, I took it on a stomach of a banana yesterday and today as well. Ill have to try them on a full stomach another time

  4. Yo, don't waste ur days on edibles..grab some RSO or Feco. You'll get up to 760 mgs of thc for the 1 day instead of 110 mgs. You can make any kind of edible, drink, tincture, or topical from the rso..I had started running thru my days way to early buying multiple days worth of edibles to combat chronic pain an anxiety found rso and have never bought another dispensary edible..Best of luck..hope it hits nicely..

  5. Since edibles process in the liver by turning the thc to 11-hydroxythc, hence why it takes more time. fatty amino acids will help breakdown and deliver to endocannabinoid system. Peanut butter, or a krill oil capsule works wonders for most people.

  6. Idk if its my tolerance, strength of the edibles, or that I cannot or did not properly digest the THC, but neither dose hit me hard🥲

  7. It’s not even like tolerance if these people are taking 500 mg and it’s doing nothing then it’s like your liver dosnt break the thc down the right way and you don’t really get high so some people who don’t feel shit just waiting their money bc they’re body won’t metabolize it right

  8. Edibles do nothing for me. I have bought them in mi and co. I dont buy them here because of the whole day thing. Maybe its me.....

  9. Just eat the whole pack at once. Quit babying it. That's what I would have done. Then again, you may not be ae to handle?

  10. I hear if you lack the stomach thing to process edibles well. Taking tums helps them work and amplifies effects. Might be a load of crap but worth trying.

  11. I had the J-Bad 4ct 110mg green apple was one large delicious gummy....Ate the whole thing and really liked the effects seemed to hit harder than other gummies I'v had! Would strongly recommend this brand!!!

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