Was curious on how much galenas was running in Michigan. I was expecting it to be cheaper but not that much 😂

  1. Last three halves i bought were Galenas labeled for 148 and 144. I know ive seen them higher but it seems they aren't always as high as 180 in Ohio.

  2. Every day I see something negative about Ohio's program. Like bad. People are giving up on Ohio's program and it's continuing to piss people off. With as many complaints that bombard my threads we should really convert these complaints from forums to emails to the cultivators. If they seen what I seen every single day, long enough, maybe they'll start paying attention to the customers. If not, well...it's our money going to them. Quit giving it to them. That will really make them listen if their market fails.

  3. We should really be bombarding the growers with emails instead of just complaining on reddit. Express how upset we are with the prices. Especially when they sell same products in the next state for half the price!

  4. I commented on Facebook but I can talk pricing here. The 3fifteen I mentioned I believe I got of gelanas for 75. But pretty much always have ounces at or below 100 on the med menu and typically 20% or higher. Popcorn ounces on 420 were 2/125

  5. Yeah, the dispensaries do not deserve 100%+ mark up to be the middle man who holds the product for a few days. I do not need to pay them 100% mark up for each and every @#[email protected] item I buy from them. They do not offer bulk for anything that works well.

  6. Fuck Ohio. I won’t renew my card after my last full period. I am disgusted. The more I learn, the more I research, the more industry experience, I’ve had it.

  7. You should still renew it just cause you’ll avoid rec tax if the same product is under the med menu. That’s what I do

  8. I couldn't have been happier when I got my card two years ago.........that was until i saw the prices of the 'medicine'. Made a few purchases, and decided to cut my losses. I didn't renew the first time it was up for renewal. The Ohio program benefits only the growers of the highly overpriced shit weed they grow and sell. The concentrates are a total fucking joke. I bought a press, and press the black market cannabis I purchase, and it blows the shit concentrates from the program away.

  9. Idk prices really but I saw 2g of wax for $35 up there but idk the quality of said wax or anything or really where idk I’m high af

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