Got some second breakfast and electric penut butter cookies by galenas and was not very happy with it

  1. I like galenas and I dont care how many angry galenas fans downvote this but I still think all their strains have a similar taste. Also, if you want flower that isnt dried out, you have to stalk the websites to see when they stock it. We need sealed glass containers for all flower.

  2. While the growing and curing are inconsistent and could use work, Galenas does usually have pretty good terpenes and flavor. EPBC and Second Breakfast taste nothing alike. And I agree, the bags suck, but they should keep everything sealed and fresh until you open it. Usually when you get bud that's dry, it's just not very good - it was never sticky to begin with or wasn't dried and cured correctly.

  3. They recently started hand trimming everything and they’re either really bad at it or feel the need to prove it

  4. I have bought EPBC like 12 times because it’s about my fav in the program. Never had a issue. But, not saying it can’t happen. Sucks homie

  5. The second breakfast was alright but the peanut butter cookies had so many leaves on it I had to take off just to get to the bud just tasted like plant real bad

  6. I heard it was a limited one time run, I'm pouting. The Biker Kush gave me the cerebral high I've been looking for, sometimes hard to find when you smoke as much as I do for as long as I have. I'm hoping my sources are wrong. 😫

  7. I had the smalls once. Like 100 ( I'm exaggerating) little pieces in a 1/10th and It looked like shit honestly, but was a very strong potent smoke. Smelled ok as well. It was My favorite that I've tried from them so far. Just had the Velvet orange underground and wasn't impressed at all. There was nothing distinctive about it. It was just that regular ol weed taste. Got me high though. Jet Fuel og was ok also but yeah, same thing. Just so so. I am yet to buy an artifact jar. Just grabbed some that's no moon yesterday but haven't opened 🤞🏻. Its ok bud , and I only buy them on sale, but If I am gonna pay "full price" , I'll just get my ice cream cake.

  8. I've been disappointed by every galenas strain I have tried. They are right quality. Just overpriced, and over hyped imo. Epbc was a huge let down for me.

  9. So, just today, Grow Ohio's extractor has gone on Reddit and called Galenas's Electric Peanut Butter Cookies "pretty gross" and was also talking shit earlier about Riviera Creek's ice hash.

  10. I bought dual OG and electric peanut butter cookies. I paid way too much for the dual og($50 a tenth) and it was ass.I see people dog other companies about thc testing all the time. This stuff was 31% and I’ve had mids hit harder. It actually didn’t look far off from mids. The EPB was on sale for $30 and it was decent. Outrageous pricing for subpar quality. Neither strain looked like what I would consider medical quality. I’m done with galenas. I’ve had POW strains shit all over what’s considered one of Ohio’s top level companies,and for half the price. I wish I would have grabbed pictures. The embarrassment of what they put in those containers should have been exposed. My bad

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