Just got my card!

  1. Give yourself extra time on your first visit to a new dispensary. You’ll be asked to fill out paperwork and they will have to load you into their system.

  2. If you fill out the intake form online before going into Amplify, you’ll be ready to go on arrival. And you can preorder, so it’s in and out…even for a brand new patient.

  3. Register with WeedMaps and keep up on promo codes and discounts they also provide printable coupons which is a plus. So far personally I have found klutch and fireland seem to be the best for flower. Gleaf dispensary in Warren Ohio is pretty good. Not a big fan of leaf relief in Boardman Ohio.

  4. Gleaf is ok; I go there the most often because I live close by, but Herbology in Cuyahoga Falls seems to have better prices on flower (generally). Also not a fan of leaf relief, although the do sometimes have very good prices on carts.

  5. If you are in Cleveland Heights area, go to Amplify. IMO the best dispensary in the program. Take advantage of the sales. Buckeye Relief and Willies Reserve are a couple of my favorites along with Klutch. I just tried Pure Ohio Wellness Blue Blast this past weekend and was impressed. May give POW another chance. After the dispensaries are closed for the day you can put an order together to pickup the next day. This is the best way to get a head start on the sales. Enjoy the program.

  6. Agreed with this on all fronts. Amplify is the best dispensary in NE Ohio…periodt. If you’re looking for high end and high price: Woodward and Farkas Farms take the cake for me. If you’re looking for high end and reasonable price: Buckeye Relief and Pure Ohio Wellness - my top two cultivators for those exact reasons - high quality flower that doesn’t crush my wallet.

  7. Not in the NE, so no advice on dispensaries. Klutch, Buckeye Relief, Farkas Farms, Galenas, Certified, Firelands Scientific, Verano, in no specific order. If you start with any of these cultivators, I wouldn't think you'd be disappointed. Try to shop around for sales and buy in larger amounts, otherwise you will quickly find your wallet empty.

  8. Bloom Medicinals is a great dispensary. Any dispensary you go to, be prepared to wait a little bit because of the superflux of patients and very little dispensaries. Also, if you plan to use vaporizers, do some research online before purchasing because they're pretty expensive. Leafly is a great site for information on specific strains!

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