1 Year in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program - my spreadsheet of purchases, reviews, notes. Maybe it helps someone!

  1. I just take pics of the buds and name the file for the name of the bud and thc%.. that's about all I need cause once I see the pics I remember if it was fire or not.

  2. I’ve thought of doing the same, I will say there are a few strains that I’ve had 10/10 jars and 6/10 jars. Sometimes I’ll give things another try and can be surprised, and sometimes my staples let me down ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. What a awesome idea. We rate alot of the same strains about the same. I also really enjoyed that Larry og...it was a surprise because it was chosen for me randomly and I expected Larry to be rubbish...buds were robust and effects were heavy.

  4. Ive got this too, but I also track how much I’m using and get averages and totals for the month. My partner has one that tracks terpenes and stuff too. It’s so helpful having one of these sheets.

  5. Vaping is better when it comes to taste. There's some strains that suck when it comes to vaping, so I just smoke it, but vaping really gets those terps.

  6. Woodward is a joke of a company. I have ig messages with there supposed lead grower where we talk about 2 rooms get cross pollinated and they still put the product out to the people. It looks good but if you've been to Detroit you know it's a bad knockoff. There sunset sherb looked great but no smell and it burned straight black ash and wouldn't stay lit tasted like shit. There runtz is a joke if you've had pressure packs, local grove or even hytek from Detroit to give you a feel for the real thing. Bye the way he said that it burn black because that's how that pheno does. He also said flushing wad a myth. I worked in the industry 16 day flush is mandatory most go longer. Galena had some of the worst flower I've ever seen. Got the grape diamond because it was recommended by the bud tender. I threw it in the trash. I don't smoke boof

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